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Welcome to Move Forward’s weekly news wrap-up, featuring the mobility stories you don’t want to miss. Today’s topics include moovel news from SXSW 2018, our CEO’s views on the future of AI and mobility-as-a-service, Elon Musk’s new focus on urban transportation, and how one transit agency is improving communication strategies.... View Article

Our transportation system is undergoing vast transformations. Technology, entrepreneurship, and changing customer expectations are disrupting traditional mobility models and reshaping how consumers access, pay, and use transportation. Last month, we wrote about three key components of Mobility on Demand (MOD): 1) the principle of commodification, 2) the importance of public-private... View Article


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How are we moving people from point A to point B?
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By Tim Lane   The next 15 years promises to bring a sea change in how we commute as a society. We may very well look back on this moment in history as the transition point between static and fluid public transit. Today, under the established, static model, the public... View Article

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