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Due to technological progressions in the aviation industry, there will be many ways to travel. The focus will not just be on getting passengers from point A to B in the safest, fastest and most convenient way possible, but also on ensuring that they have the best possible flying experience.

The future air travel passenger will - among other things - demand greener aircrafts and a choice between speed and comfort. Therefore the passenger cabin of the future is going to look quite different than what we know today – for example it might have a panoramic view. Alex Becker, Trend Research & Market Intelligence Manager, talks about what the passenger plane will look like in the future and the key technologies that enable the “concept cabin”.

The aircraft of the future is environment-friendly – but aviation is a global industry and several players have to work together to make green aircraft a reality. In our interview, Alex Becker, Trend Research & Market Intelligence Manager, talks about the most important factors of making air travel more sustainable and about the impact this future aircraft will have on infrastructure, environment and society as well as the aviation industry itself.

As the air transportation industry continues to grow, the sector is concentrating on providing innovative solutions to meet the emerging needs of future air travel passengers and market demands. They are also addressing issues concerning costs, safety, security and environmental impacts. New technological advances are creating many possible futures to make the civil aviation industry more sustainable.


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Passenger comfort has always been a major aircraft cabin design consideration as it plays a vital part of the passenger experience. Cabin designers are focusing not only on enhancing the overall cabin ambience and experience, but also on making cabins more ecological. So, what awaits us on a plane cabin in the next decades?