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The success of a train station, and its image, is heavily influenced by the ability to handle passenger flow smoothly and efficiently. Documentation of movement patterns is crucial for greater processing efficiency, increased revenue and improved traveler experience. Rail passenger transport has grown considerably during the last decades. Parallel to... View Article

Traffic jams often come from shock waves that start when someone hits their brakes. The faster the traffic, the bigger the gaps, and the more abrupt the braking. The effect of breaking works its way back down through the traffic, and the many stops have a reinforcing negative effect on the queue, which ultimately causes even more congestion.

The documentation of passenger movement patterns with indoor sensors can help make airports more efficient and user-friendly. Having access to accurate statistical information on each passenger or flight as well as the understanding that all individual events (from the moment a passenger arrives at the airport to boarding on the plane and everything in between) influence each other are key to unlocking potential benefits.


Urban Mobility

How are we moving people from point A to point B?
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