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The past years have seen an influx of mobility apps with the aim of increasing and improving people’s personal mobility. More people than ever use their smartphones to find information on how to move from A to B, which means of transport they should use etc.. However, how does this work for people with a mobility impairment? Can mobility apps provide an alternative for people using a wheelchair or a walking frame, or even people with a stroller or loads of luggage?

Making cities accessible for everyone regardless of their abilities to walk or move, that is Raúl Krauthausen’s goal. For him it is obvious that there is an inequality in how we use cities. Besides raising awareness for the needs of mobility impaired people regarding accessibility in cities, Raúl uses his TEDtalk to make examples how urban planners can take those needs into consideration. He introduces two of his projects: an online map to search, find and mark wheelchair accessible places, and an online platform where people can order affordable mobile ramps to create access to formerly inaccessible places.