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A couple of years ago, John Niles and I started writing, blogging, and speaking about getting ready for autonomous vehicles. We called this work, collectively, The End Of Driving in recognition of our certainty that technology would displace the driver just as the automobile had replaced the horse. We’re still... View Article

Do we really understand what needs to happen to urban motorized transportation as it evolves further into Transportation as a Service (TaaS)? To deliver the Goldilocks world of tailored vehicles arriving within two or three minutes of demand we will need aggregation and matching services for large numbers of disparate, multi-owner fleets, far beyond what anyone, including Uber, provides today.

Every year Gartner Inc., an information technology advisory, publishes its Emerging Technology Hype Cycle. This construction arranges emerging technologies on a time spectrum of five phases from “Innovation Trigger” to the “Plateau of Productivity”. Gartner is a more telling seer than most for the progress of robotic vehicle technology.


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