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Recently, while developing a project for Smart City modeling and Citizen Living Experience for a Spanish town, the process of changing the model of public space into a passively value generating public space took an accelerating process. How can, then, IoT (Internet of Things) and EV (Electric Vehicles) mobility enhance the public spaces? How can the concept of a regenerative and value adding public space be part of an integral Smart City and Smart Mobility modeling?

Public space is the front and back end reason for a city to exist. No matter which culture, formal result or indentation on everyday life it creates, public space is the catalyst of any urban settlement. So much so that, when a city loses the public space as that realm where people interaction occurs, the city loses the very values that sustain that interaction and is better understood as a built environment ensemble. A space for citizens - citizen spaces.

Barcelona is one of the forefronts for intelligent mobility among international rankings for the evenly and multifaceted approach it has related to applying the smart concept within the city realms, both socially, on the economy level, and on the forefront of mobility. The city continues to implement the best mobility technologies and sustainability programs in an effort to improve efficiency and the lives of citizens.