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Driving by car is strongly connected with a feeling of personal freedom. While we book flights just for one specific itinerary, and train tickets are usually only valid for a short period in time, we can get into our car whenever we want and drive any route that comes to our mind. Traffic jams, detours, or temporary road blocks apply to every driver the same way. And also speed limits or priority are not depending on how much we pay. This also holds true for toll that might be charged to cross a bridge or a tunnel - every driver is treated the same way. However can we take this condition for granted that provides a network of roads in a neutral way to every user?

Data is not only transforming businesses, but it is also affecting individuals on a personal level. With the help of technology, individuals are tracking every aspect of their lives. Self-tracking or Quantified Self has been used in various industries such as health and wellness, education, gamification and automotive etc. Especially in automotive industry, companies and individuals are using various gadgets, sensors and apps to capture data about driving habits to improve the driving experience.

Bring your own device (BYOD) has recently become one of the most debated IT topics. It is not only affecting the IT industry, but also the automotive industry. Smartphones and tablets have made it possible for people to stay connected throughout the day. Both auto and mobile manufacturers are working closely to embed customer’s personal devices within cars to provide better connectivity. However, there are certain challenges to be overcome before this could become a reality.

The internet, smartphones, tablets and wearable devices have changed the way humans interact with vehicles, but emerging innovations in cyborg technology could potentially allow humans to drive the car with the power of thought. Scientists are attempting to merge brain waves with driving technology to create mind-controlled vehicles.


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