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Nowadays social media seems to have permeated every realm of societies, including mobility. It is not unusual to find rail, bus or airplane companies with accounts on, not only one, but multiple platforms. How public transportation providers join this new era of communications could potentially influence many of their service areas.

Autonomous cars seem to be around the corner. People who have not been able to move by themselves in a car until now, will get the chance to do it – without driving. Though the path seems very clear and even collateral benefits are predicted, some aspects still need to be analyzed before self-driving vehicles hit the road.

The creation and massive use of automobiles made cities go from walking to driving distances. Decades later not only cars, but also public transportation modes are being fostered through technology, and new ways of mobility are arising. And once again technology is shaping our cities.


Urban Mobility

How are we moving people from point A to point B?
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