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Whether large or small, in summer or winter, in the southern or northern hemisphere, bike sharing programs are changing mobility in cities around the world. And technology is changing them. Understanding it is not only about bicycles, but also about the amenities these systems can offer, as they open the door for innovation, creativity and technology.

How data is presented can completely change how we understand it. Whether it is due to abstraction or comparison, seeing data spatially located can help engineers and planners understand better how transit systems work. Thanks to recent developments, new and diverse opportunities to comprehend and face public transportation challenges that are arising.

Countries are facing new mobility challenges due to the changing population age structures, especially with increasing number of older people. Hence, transportation alternatives will play a very important role in supporting independent and healthy ageing. How will 21st century demographic panorama affect mobility?


Urban Mobility

How are we moving people from point A to point B?
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Imagine a day without cars. Is it even possible? Bogota made it possible by hosting its; annual car-free day to support sustainable mobility initiatives. This event was endorsed by Universidad de Los Andes through various activities, thus helping to create a healthier and less congested city.