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The last post showed that autonomous vehicle users in all likelihood will not need a license anymore. The reason for this is that it would significantly decrease the usability of an autonomous vehicle if the legislator requested such driver’s licenses. In addition, it would be in conflict with the basic idea of autonomous driving - to make individual motorized mobility available for (almost) the entire community.

Currently, the discussion on autonomous vehicles is focused on safety and security aspects. “How do autonomous vehicles decide about life and death?” is the question of interest. Surely, the dangers of the new technology are an important issue, but it has already been mentioned that the likelihood of dilemma situations arising in practice is rather remote.

Currently, the discussions about autonomous driving are mainly governed by two topics: safety issues and the question on how to decide ethical dilemmas. From a public point of view, it is unsettling that an autonomous car will decide on saving lives because dilemmas affect moral judgments. With autonomous cars in place, mankind may not be facing any unknown danger as there are already rules in the existing law to govern ethical situations. These rules should not be ignored in the context of autonomous driving.


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