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The closer the possibility comes that the human being at the wheel will become irrelevant, the more intensely emphasis is placed on the significance and performance capabilities of the human driver – and often even widely exaggerated. A rather typical defensive reaction of the conscious human facing innovation through intelligent machines.

Self-driving cars are pushing into the market – and they will change entire industries. Naturally, taxi and bus operators are affected by this, but that is not the exciting thing here. Self-driving cars will change hotels, the restaurant industry, and logistics, and will lead to new business models for human resources specialists, super markets, hair stylists, and therapists, to name a few. The reason: The self-driving car of the future will not copy today's cars, but will be designed for new forms of use. Read below who is driving this development and how different industries will be affected.


Urban Mobility

How are we moving people from point A to point B?
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As the global population is expected to increase over the next decades, will tomorrow’s cities be able to meet the increasing needs of citizens? Will cities be able to anticipate and provide necessary services or infrastructure? In our interview, Michael Carl, Director Analysis and Studies for a Trend Research Institute, addresses these questions and shares his vision on what the adaptive city of future will look like.