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In the future municipal authorities want to integrate new technologies into city infrastructure to make them, so called “Smart Cities”. In fact, some cities are already working on this project, implementing new technologies like internet-of-things-devices or collecting and analyzing big data. Here are some examples of cities and their steps to becoming a Smart City.

Today passengers are not limited to standard public transport options like the train or bus when they want to move from A to B in an urban area. The last years have brought new transportation options like car-sharing, ride-hailing services or bike-share systems. As beneficial as they seem to be, they all have one thing in common. The instrument of payment most often is credit or debit card. The problem with that is that people without a bank account cannot participate in the new transport services.


Urban Mobility

How are we moving people from point A to point B?
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The trend toward access to transport options rather than owning them has reached most urban area globally by now. At the same time there are other sharing concepts emerging that offer rooms or tools etc. making the use of resources more efficient, but also having some paradigms shifts and economic consequences in their wake.