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Peer-to-peer (P2P) carsharing is an online marketplace that connects people interested in sharing their vehicles with people who are looking for short-term vehicle access. The companies that comprise this marketplace provide the organizational resources needed to make the transaction possible such as: 1) an online platform, 2) customer support, 3)... View Article

Our transportation system is undergoing vast transformations. Technology, entrepreneurship, and changing customer expectations are disrupting traditional mobility models and reshaping how consumers access, pay, and use transportation. Last month, we wrote about three key components of Mobility on Demand (MOD): 1) the principle of commodification, 2) the importance of public-private... View Article

Increasingly, mobility customers are turning to on-demand service providers to access an array of mobility options. Mobility on demand (MOD) is an innovative transportation concept where all consumers can access mobility, goods, and services on demand by dispatching or using shared mobility, delivery services, and public transportation solutions through an... View Article


Urban Mobility

How are we moving people from point A to point B?
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Last month, we wrote about how city managers, planners, and public works departments can support shared mobility by incorporating it into the public rights-of-way (e.g., providing designated, on-street parking spaces).   Cities can also implement an array of policies aimed at easing zoning regulations and parking minimums to promote the... View Article