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In an earlier article, we advocated applying some of the principles of packet switching, the backbone technology of internet and telecom, to mobility and transport. After all, the similarity is clear. Packets carry bits, vehicles carry people and goods. In a first of a series of three articles, we'll explore some possibilities. We'll start by analyzing the impact of sharing vehicles.

Data is not only transforming businesses, but it is also affecting individuals on a personal level. With the help of technology, individuals are tracking every aspect of their lives. Self-tracking or Quantified Self has been used in various industries such as health and wellness, education, gamification and automotive etc. Especially in automotive industry, companies and individuals are using various gadgets, sensors and apps to capture data about driving habits to improve the driving experience.


Urban Mobility

How are we moving people from point A to point B?
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The past years have seen an influx of mobility apps with the aim of increasing and improving people’s personal mobility. More people than ever use their smartphones to find information on how to move from A to B, which means of transport they should use etc.. However, how does this work for people with a mobility impairment? Can mobility apps provide an alternative for people using a wheelchair or a walking frame, or even people with a stroller or loads of luggage?