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No matter where you live, you’ve most likely experienced drastic weather conditions at one point or another. Certain areas receive harsher conditions, of course, but any kind of extreme heat, cold, or precipitation can potentially cause delays or damage to vehicles and infrastructure. And thanks to environmental changes, historical climate... View Article

It’s proven difficult to merge the dynamic world of technology with the slow-moving processes of procurement in public transit and across government agencies. States and localities are often understaffed in the procurement department, and navigating cumbersome rules and requirements does not lend itself to innovation. These obstacles cause agencies to... View Article

Welcome to Move Forward’s new Q&A series where we’ll interview today’s movers and shakers in the transportation world. Today we’re featuring Adam Mehl, the Market Development Specialist at Metro Transit in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Learn more about Adam’s experience and future plans for the 2016 Transit System of the Year.  ... View Article


Urban Mobility

How are we moving people from point A to point B?
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