Here you can find a range of answers to questions you might have about the Move Forward Platform. Should you miss any and would like to know something else you can either reach out to our community hosts or send us an email.

What is the move forward platform?

The Move Forward Platform was created for you to share your thoughts and ideas and to join ongoing discussions about how current inventions and trends will change how we live and move in the future. It is the first of its kind as it combines strategic insight with journalistic discourse and crowd innovation around the topic of our future mobility. Your input is needed on all areas to create and sustain an active, fun community that can make a difference by determining what is going to be important in this context and how it should be handled. We are curious to hear the thoughts of people who want to have a say in what the future of mobility will look like in local communities or worldwide.

Why do I have to register in order to interact with the platform?

We believe that a comment, thought or idea gets even more weight when you can understand who posted it. Therefore we require you to create a profile in order to interact with the platform. That profile will also make sure that you keep an overview over your contributions, lets you build a network of other cool people and it will make sure that you get rewarded for your input.  It is important to us to create a good atmosphere and spirit within the community and we believe that putting a face and name to a contribution will help ensure that.

Can I just read the articles without signing up?

Yes, you can! If you would like to stay updated and read all the articles without becoming a part of our community you can sign up for the newsletter on the homepage. That way you will get a weekly update with all the freshly published articles straight to your inbox.

Can I write an article?

Currently, we have a limited number of authors who are experts in their field. However, should we see that you make especially valuable contributions to the community and are being recognized by our moderators and the other users, we may consider giving you special privileges such as writing articles in the future.

Can I talk to the authors?

Of course you can! Either you can contribute to the public discussion by leaving a comment or by replying to someone else’s comment or you can contact the authors via their profile in the community.

Why should I accept cookies?

As you need to be logged in in order to be able to interact with the platform, we strongly recommend you to accept cookies. Should you decide to opt-out you will be asked to log in every time you want to participate.

Who are the community hosts and how can I reach them?

You can contact Pallavi Reddy who takes care that everything stays on the right course and who will be recognized as the moderator in the community.

Does it matter that I comment or interact?

It does matter a great deal to us! As there are so many challenges ahead of us that we believe we can tackle best together, we feel it is crucial to have discussions about them today. We would very much like you to share your views on how to deal with these challenges here and help others and their ideas so we can create something that will influence the mobility of the future together.

What happens with my ideas and contributions?

Any idea that is posted on this platform – including the ones contributed to the bigger challenges – are in the public sphere and therefore not exclusive to the publisher after making them public. Specifics of winning ideas can be discussed with moovel in private. For more information please consult the Terms & Conditions.

What’s in it for me if I participate?

This is your opportunity to have a voice and share your thoughts, opinions and ideas on a number of topics. It’s a chance to contribute to and take part in shaping the future of mobility.

How do I participate?

Each member has a personal profile displayed privately for community members. You will be able to contact other community members through private messaging in addition to seeing and reading their comments, discussions and ideas.. Similarly, your contributions will be visible to the community when they are logged in. There will be trained moderators in the community. Participants will be notified by email as activities become available, and will be prompted to provide their thoughts, opinions and ideas – you can manage your notifications under your setting – located on your personal profile. Badges of recognition can be earned by all members and reflect different levels of contribution.

What if I want to stop participating in the community?

If you wish to be removed from the Community, please email us at support@move-forward.com with the subject line: Unsubscribe: Move Forward Platform.

How much time will it take to participate?

You are encouraged to participate as often as you like, as your thoughts will help discussions to flourish and the community to evolve and grow. When we launch new activities, we will prompt you to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Your feedback is extremely valuable and the more you participate, the more likely you are to get rewarded.

Will the information I enter to be visible to others?

The Move Forward Platform is intended to provide an engaging experience to all participants, with collaboration, discussion and idea sharing at its core. Each community member will have a personal profile displayed that members of the Move Forward Community can see. You will be able to contact other members through the community interface and see comments, discussions and ideas from other community participants. Your comments, discussions and ideas will also be visible and accessible to other participants. Some of this content may be used to help inform initiatives, but will not be associated or attributed back to a personally identifiable individual.   For more information on site regulations, please visit the Terms & Conditions. If you have technical questions, please contact support@move-forward.com.

Who is behind this platform and why are you doing it?

A company called moovel GmbH is behind this platform (if you want to find out more about that, please, go to the About Us section). We believe that we have a pretty good idea of how some things concerning the future of mobility will evolve, while there are still questions open concerning other things. With some new successful mobility services already out there, we have the track record of spotting what is needed and turning it into something usable. We believe that if we all put our brains, hearts, our experience and determination together we can create a future for mobility that is tailored to what we need in the future.