Hi-Tech Wheelchairs Will Significantly Improve Independency

While autonomous vehicles will ease many mobility problems for everyone, they cannot solve all issues and obstacles that disabled people have to face and overcome in their daily lives. So, new ideas for wheelchairs are needed to enable their users to move more freely and without much help from other people.

To achieve this, prototypes are being developed that offer a lot more options to adapt to their user’s needs and for example, make it a lot easier to get in and out the vehicle. For doing so, the new wheelchair models for example, have an adjustable seat that the user can raise or lower with just one button.

This also makes it a lot easier to reach objects on a high shelf. Another specialty of these vehicles is the backless design that makes the characteristic big wheels and armrests of traditional wheelchairs a thing of the past.

Due to alight construction, battery reach increases to up to four hours if fully charged, which will allow longer trips and developers are continuously working on further improvements.

Based on the functions and advantages, these wheelchairs will not only be useful for elderly people, but also ease many problems of disabled people.

Such a vehicle could for example park itself autonomously in the evening and come back to the user’s bedside when it is called it in the morning.

As this is just one possible addition that could be added to the wheelchair of the future, a lot more robot-like functions are being developed that will solve daily mobility issues and provide more independency for elderly and disabled people.

How else could mobility be made easier for people with special needs?

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