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Innovation in Mobile Ticketing

Welcome to Move Forward’s weekly news wrap-up, featuring the mobility stories you don’t want to miss. This week we feature coverage from moovel’s Juniper Research press release. Other topics include The Boring Company’s plans for a new transit system in LA, why public transit agencies are looking to adopt microtransit, and more.


moovel drives innovation in mobile ticketing:

Juniper Research recently named moovel as a leading disruptor in public-transit mobile ticketing and fare validation solutions. A write-up for Global Fleet highlights various data points from the report, specifically mentioning “moovel’s experience, innovation, customer base, and support by Daimler will enable it to disrupt the mobility sector and drive it forward.”

Global Fleet: “Moovel is “leading disruptor” in mobile ticketing” by Staff, January 23, 2018.


Will transit be left behind?:

Industry thought leader Jarrett Walker discusses whether transit will be “left behind” over the next few years, citing that new mobility services and innovations have created concern for public agencies. Walker argues “transit agencies’ first priority should be a robust defense of their basic product and of the need to invest in improving it.”

City Lab: “Should Transit Agencies Panic?” by Jarrett Walker, January 21, 2018.




NYC plans for congestion pricing:

Last Friday, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo released a report to address traffic congestion in New York City by implementing congestion pricing policies. The report breaks down a phased approach to congestion pricing throughout the city, with surcharges first placed on taxis and for-hire vehicles, then trucks and all vehicles.

Smart Cities Dive: “NYC congestion pricing plan to target for-hire vehicles” by Kristin Musulin, January 22, 2018.


Leaked updates reveal new infrastructure plan:

A leaked outline of President Trump’s proposed infrastructure plan confirmed that the administration will lean heavily on state and local funding, along with investments from the private sector, for infrastructure projects. The outline also proposes a number of other changes, including allowing states to toll existing highways, subsidizing improvements for passenger rail, and encouraging agencies to “commercialize” interstate rest areas.

Governing: “Leaked Trump Infrastructure Plan Would Put Onus on States” by Daniel C. Vock, January 22, 2018.




Boring Company plans new transit system:

According to Wired, Elon Musk’s Boring Company has plans to create a transit tunnel system underneath Los Angeles. Jehn Balajadia, Boring Company’s chief of operations, says that the company has already asked LA for an excavation permit, and is working with California’s transportation agency to secure the right of way beneath public roads.

Wired: “Elon Musk Wants to Dig Another Tunnel Under L.A.” by Aarian Marshall, January 23, 2018.


Public transit agencies look to adopt microtransit:

U.S. News & World Report assesses the importance of microtransit in coming years, as predicted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In particular, public transit agencies are looking to adopt new technologies to combat decreasing ridership numbers, while also taking advantage of public and private partnerships.

U.S. News & World Report: “The Coming Age of Microtransit” by Robert Puentes, January 24, 2018.


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