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It’s long been felt that urban density – a term used by city planners, politicians, economists, sociologists – has an inverse relationship with quality of life. As population and density rise, transportation problems multiply, and quality of life goes down. Right?     The world’s ten most densely populated large... View Article

In “The Seduction of Crime” by Jack Katz, the author asks what committing a crime feels, sounds, tastes and looks like. He names the pleasure of consuming a crime a “sneaky thrill,” or the “seductive qualities of crimes: those aspects in the foreground of criminality that make its various forms... View Article

Welcome to Move Forward’s weekly news wrap-up, featuring the mobility stories you don’t want to miss. This week we are exploring moovel’s role in smart city development, news of Daimler’s investments in electric vehicles, the nation’s failing grade for walkability, questions on public transit’s role with emerging mobility solutions, and... View Article


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How are we moving people from point A to point B?
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In a city that loves bicycling, within a state that loves bicycling, the creation of new bike lanes within an already established, high-volume bicycle commuting corridor should be viewed favorably, right? Portland’s North Williams Avenue, once the center of the city’s largest African-American community, has for decades been a high-use... View Article

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