Transit Trends

Say Hello to Transit Trends: The Online Series

moovel and The Overhead Wire have teamed up to bring you Transit Trends, an online show that covers all things trending in the world of mobility and transportation.

The moovel team is excited to begin sharing the new Transit Trends series on Move Forward. The creative forces behind the show are moovel’s Erica Brennes and The Overhead Wire’s Jeff Wood. Behind the camera is moovel’s videographer and editor, Alex Penrose.

The show follows all things happening in transportation across the world. Topics will include the latest developments on big projects involving transportation network companies, autonomous cars, light rail, bus rapid transit, protected bike lanes, cost effective solutions for traffic and much more. The team also chats with transit users on how they get around and what they want to see happen next in their city.

Erica, has a background in TV broadcasting and journalism. After five years as a news anchor and reporter, Erica made the switch to traffic and spent three years as the morning traffic anchor at the CBS affiliate in Austin, TX. Erica covered transportation stories as well, which led her to join the moovel team in January 2015.

Alex also has a background in TV broadcasting and journalism. Alex spent six years shooting and editing the news in Fayetteville, AK and Austin, TX. Alex joined the moovel team in the summer of 2015.

The Overhead Wire is a consulting firm owned and operated by Jeff Wood in San Francisco California. Jeff’s focus is on sharing information about cities around the world with advocates, elected leaders, researchers, and other interested parties.

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Please note that this article expresses the opinions of the author and does not reflect the views of Move Forward.


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