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By Tim Lane   The next 15 years promises to bring a sea change in how we commute as a society. We may very well look back on this moment in history as the transition point between static and fluid public transit. Today, under the established, static model, the public... View Article

The Internet of Things is starting to play a very important role when it comes to creating the future experience of mobility, but we need to look beyond automobiles because mobility involves more than just cars. One of the very interesting areas to look at are connected homes where many companies already are experimenting with different solutions putting mobility into an entire new context.


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How are we moving people from point A to point B?
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Vehicles with increasingly connected and autonomous features are widely expected to deliver significant benefits – from reductions in vehicle collisions and carbon emissions, to increased accessibility and the opportunity for cities to better optimize road network capacity. Given this, it would be expected that city authorities support the development and adoption of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), but how should a city prepare for this emerging technology, and what role does it play in enabling the benefits to be realized?