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People have the opportunity to move from a reactive city to an anticipative city. Leveraging the data becoming increasingly available through millions of intelligent devices and systems in the city will allow us to create new insights into city dynamics. Predicting demand and adjusting supply provides an incredible opportunity for cities to become more sustainable and resilient. Besides these fundamental advantages, tailoring city services to the individual needs of citizens becomes possible and offers richer experiences making our cities more livable.

Free-floating sharing systems offer the ultimate flexibility, because you can drop off a shared bike or vehicle anywhere. Yet, this ultimate freedom is also the biggest challenge. The concept of mobility pricing to analyse big data needs to be examined and flexible pricing models need to be implemented to improve relocation and reduce congestion.

Big Data is sometimes viewed critically as people are afraid of spying from the government and big companies. But the collection of data should not be held up as it is not necessarily something bad or threatening. All forms of transportation already collect data to improve fragments of their business.


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