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Convergence of Sharing and Automation:  Need for Proactive Public Policy and Research Understanding By Susan Shaheen and Adam Cohen In recent years, on-demand passenger and courier services – known as Mobility on Demand (MOD) – have grown rapidly due to technology advancements; changing consumer patterns (both mobility and retail consumption); and... View Article

Recently, while developing a project for Smart City modeling and Citizen Living Experience for a Spanish town, the process of changing the model of public space into a passively value generating public space took an accelerating process. How can, then, IoT (Internet of Things) and EV (Electric Vehicles) mobility enhance the public spaces? How can the concept of a regenerative and value adding public space be part of an integral Smart City and Smart Mobility modeling?


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How are we moving people from point A to point B?
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The involvement of citizens is increasingly becoming important in urban and transportation planning. Transportation providers should have a better understanding about what citizens want and should be able to precisely meet their individual needs. In this article, David E Pickeral, an executive, senior analyst and industry advisor in smart and connected transportation explains what citizens can expect in regard to the transformation taking place in smart and connected mobility and how they can best influence the future development to meet their individual needs.