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#TransitTrends Episode 1: Are We Too Cool to Carpool?

Carpooling is such a simple concept, but its popularity continues to decline. Despite our willingness to jump right into a cab, Uber or Lyft with a stranger, we have yet to buy into the value of doing that with a friend on the way to and from work.

But it’s a concept that won’t die. Just this year Facebook and Google launched new carpooling services in San Francisco. Uber Pool and Lyft Line are used in cities where that service is offered, and new carpool lanes are under construction in Los Angeles.

In a recent article, Paul Steinberg, co-founder of carpooling service Carma said, “If you pay a driver to show up, then it works, it’s great… but carpooling is the only mode of transport that’s a two-way negotiation, where a driver can change their mind at the last minute and it breaks down the whole system. It’s the hardest thing to solve.”

In our first Transit Trends episode, we take a look at “Casual Carpool” a decades-old program in San Francisco.

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Despite rising congestion and fuel prices, there are still a certain set of individuals who enjoy driving from daily commutes to long road journeys. Due to the slow economic growth, ownership costs are getting considerably high. To make these journeys more affordable and beneficial and still gain the advantage of using your own car, start sharing a ride.