Transit Trends

#TransitTrends Episode 4: Data + The Connected Car

Take a second to think about the number of Terms & Conditions disclaimers we, as technology users, agree to without a second thought. We’re quick to hit “Accept These Terms” in order to tinker around with a new app or install the latest update to our cell phones even though we’re very likely clueless to what we’ve agreed to.

While we openly accept to share data regarding search history, current location, favorite music and more with huge technology companies like Google, Apple and Spotify, many cringe at the thought of sharing information from their personal vehicles. However, some fail to realize that the connected car is no different from our cellular devices. The data collected from vehicles can easily benefit urban mobility for many years down the road.

In episode four of Transit Trends, we sit down with Iain Macbeth of Transport for London and discuss how the information from a connected car can improve transportation systems across the globe.

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