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#TransitTrends Episode 9: Shared Mobility and the Environment

Our climate, both environmentally and politically speaking, is a hot topic today and one we’ve possibly learned to avoid among certain groups of friends.



Transportation is now the number one contributor to climate emissions. So while we were in Chicago for the Shared Mobility Summit that the Shared-Use Mobility Center puts on every year, we met up with Kristen Pawling to discuss how shared mobility and technology plays a role in improving our emissions. Kristen is the Los Angeles Urban Solutions Coordinator for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

A lot could change over the next few months and years as President-Elect Donald Trump takes office. President Barack Obama has made strides in setting climate goals for the United States, which Trump says he will examine to determine his stance on those goals and policies.

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There is an ongoing debate within the transportation analysis community over whether automated vehicles will reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, or increase them. On the one hand, automated vehicles can both drive more efficiently and be designed to be lighter, saving energy. However, the convenience of not having to pay attention on the road may lead people to use them more, increasing energy consumption. Which effect will tend to prevail?