Mobile Innovation

UITP Montréal 2017

There are so many reasons I am excited to attend UITP 2017 in Montreal.

For starters, Montreal is one of the world’s great cities, and it is especially beautiful in the spring. And Montreal is a foodie utopia- I have been reading restaurant reviews for months!

In addition to the beauty of Montreal, I am excited to connect with transit professionals from around the globe. The United States produces only a tiny fraction of transit trips world-wide, so it is critical for U.S. transit experts to find out what the rest of the world is doing. Do they face the same challenges? How do they address them? Where are they in terms of mobile payment innovations? Are they ten years ahead of us, or are we three years ahead of them? Are we even on the same path?

The best way to learn is to go straight to the source.

There are a number of UITP roundtables and sessions circled on my agenda. Here are a few sessions you won’t want to miss.


Next Steps in the Ticketing Journey – PechaKucha Session, Monday @11:00am

This workshop session will examine strategies for creating a positive customer experience in a world of ever-evolving technologies and expectations while managing the deployment of smart ticketing systems in a secure and efficient manner. The panel features Mike Gwinn, Director of Revenue and Fare Systems at Chicago Transit Authority, who will be discussing the award-winning Ventra mobile ticketing and payment system. There will also be representatives from Montreal and Belgium sharing insight into deploying ticketing systems.


Autonomous Vehicles, the New Transit Grail? – FS1, Monday @11:00am

This focus session will discuss one of the hottest and most interesting developments in the world of mobility – the advent of autonomous vehicles. This is an especially important topic in the world of transit because it touches so many sensitive areas: safety, vehicle operations, labor relations, and customer experience. Mobility professionals from around the world will share where they stand on these questions.


The New Security Paradigm – Addressing Threats Old and New, Monday @2:00pm

These days, big data seems to be a solution in search of a problem. We know it is a tremendous tool, we just have not figured out how to use it. I cannot wait to hear Fernando Covac, Director, Cittati Tecnologia Em Desenvolvimento De Soluções Ltda, Sao Paulo, Brazil talk about how his team is using big data analytics to prevent crime on the Bahia eir t transit system. The application discussed here is of personal significance to me, not just because I am a huge fan of the movie Minority Report, but also because I spent several years in the WMATA Treasurer’s Office dealing with fraud and theft. I used big data to identify stolen credit cards and fraudulent transactions before they were reported, so, I am extremely interested to see what they are doing in Brazil. (Please let it be pre-cogs!)


MAAS Mobility as a Service, Different Models, One Aim: Providing the Key to Less Card Ownership! – (PS17), Wednesday @9:00am

This panel session will probably be the highlight of the event, and I am not just saying that because our CEO Nat Parker is scheduled to speak. The session is going to look at strategies for deploying Mobility as a Service (MaaS) as a completely unified mobility platform for the customer, with integrated registration, information, booking, travel, and payment. In addition to Nat, there are panelists from Canada, Germany, Sweden, and Austria. I am sure we will get a full international perspective on the challenges associated with deployment, management, and governance.

Please come visit moovel at booth #2D103 in Level 2 of the exhibition hall.